Thursday, June 24, 2010

Out To Visit Palmyra

What a wonderful family experience this trip was. I had everything going against me enjoying my time there... Long drive, pregnant and uncomfortable, sick with a head cold, sleeping over night in a hotel, traveling with a 10 month old... it really should have been a total flop BUT it was a lot of fun and I seemed to have just enough energy to push through the rest of the day.

Ryan's Mom and little brother flew out to see a few of the church's historical sites and so we decided to make the drive out there to see them. Ryan's mom was more than happy to watch Olivia while Ryan and I spent some time in the temple. Our time in the temple was much anticipated and much needed... both Ryan and I left feeling so refreshed and our tolerance levels for surviving out in the world so much higher.

After the temple we visited a few of the sites in Palmyra, like the Grandin Press, Hill Cumorah Visitors Center and the Whitmer Farm. We had been to Palmyra a handful of times before so we decided to visit the places we didnt on our last trip.

Here are the pictures from our trip:

Daddy packing up the LivieBug

Our first stop after arriving to Rochester was to see Grandma Trish!

Dropping off Olivia with Grandma Trish and Jared at the Hill Cumorah Visitors Center

After our temple session Ryan just HAD to have a picture of his "cute pregnant wife"...

Our little Family with BOTH of our girls in the picture!

I let Olivia pick a pansy and this is on the only picture of her where she is NOT eating the flower...

Arent the cute?! The proud Papa and his happy little girl!

Taking a break to get some ice cream...


The whole darn gang!!!

Resting for a bit at the David Whitmer Farm

LivieBug mesmerized by her Grandma Trish...

The David Whitmer Home... our last stop before we headed home!!!



Julie said...

Remember that one time when we went to Palmyra? That was fun :0)

Dani W said...

Haha... yeah I remember that... good times. I think I talked like sid the sloth for weeks, unintentionally, after that lol. I actually live about 20 minutes from the Battle of Saratoga site and Fort Ticonderoga now... lol... weird huh?