Saturday, June 26, 2010

She Did It... FINALLY!

Olivia has been VERY resistant in transitioning from the bottle to the sippy cup. She is almost a year and it is time to retire the bottle. Aside from her outgrowing her bottle... she has also found a new game... throw the bottle as far as you can. Needless to say the mess of a bottle leaking all over the place was getting to be a bit much for this pregnant mommy to handle.

So a little over a week ago I decided to bite the bullet and give her a sippy cup. I filled it with formula and handed it to her first thing when she woke up expecting her to be hungry and ready to eat... nope. She was hungry... however she did not like this akward and heavy sippy cup I had handed her. After screaming and throwing the new sippy cup across the room I put her in her high chair for breakfast. That poor girl devoured nearly an entire box of cheerios in two days by herself!

My cool and collect facade started to fade by the end of day two so when I woke up the morning of day three Ryan and I made a trip to Target to get a different style of sippy cup because my sanity just couldnt take it anymore. We bought a new sippy cup with a soft tip and no handles... which was also significantly lighter than the others we had bought her.

SUCCESS!!! She was hesitant at first but now... she doesnt even want her bottle... just her big girl sippy cup!

Its moments like these that make the tough times worth it...


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