Friday, June 18, 2010

The Little LivieBug

Our little LivieBug... Watching Her Grow!!!

Olivia is growing so fast and with her 1st birthday just around the corner I thought I would dedicate a post to just her and all of the fun things she has been doing lately.

Recently she has started to be more interactive with everyone... including Zoe. It is lots of fun to watch her play with Zoe... she shares her toys (which we promptly take away from Zoe) and plays fetch with Zoes own chew toys. Toys aside she loves to be around Zoe and flocks to her whenever she can... usually followed by petting her rigorously. Zoe is such a trooper too... she just sits there and takes it with this uncomfortable look on her face like "can i get up now?!".

Olivia is very much so a daddy's girl... she loves her mommy... but no one makes her smile and laugh like her daddy! Time with daddy is special to her and she could spend all day just playing and being tossed around by her daddy. Ryan takes such wonderful care of her and it is so neat to watch his eyes light up when he sees that big grin of hers.

Olivia has also become somewhat of a "ham" ... not in the food department, although she loves a wide variety of food, she has already started to pose for the camera... I know I know... starting her off young. The second she sees the camera this is the grin I get... aside from being incredibly photogenic she has some crazy out of control hair! Her hair is getting so long that we finally have to put it in a pony tail just to keep the hair out of her eyes.

Here she is with her hair in a pony tail before it is tamed... crazy hair she has!!!

Here She is with her hair "tamed" ... ok... I wet it and stuck it strait up to see if it would say... lol... and it for sure did!

Olivia is smart and quarky. She is constantly babbling and singing. Her newest noises are comparable to "monster" noises... they consist mostly of "grrrs", "rawrs", "grunts" and "growls". Aside from being a noisy little girl she has also taken a liking to books ... she will come sit on my lap and with book in hand and pat at it waiting for me to open it up and start reading.

She sure is lots of fun to have! What a blessing it is to see all of the hard work of being a mom rewarded by the heart warming hugs, slobbery kisses and strong desires she has to cuddle and be loved by no one else but me.

Olivias 10 month pictures are soon to be posted... along with a few more updates on our families whereabouts these last couple of weeks.


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