Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Memorial Day Camping...

On Memorial Day weekend Ryan was working so we went celebrated a few days before by going camping with our good friends Matt & Becky and their daughter Caitlyn.

Olivia did amazing and loved being out there so camping is on the agenda again hopefully soon before it is WAY to uncomfortable for this prego lady to be out there roughin it!

We chose the HOTTEST day to date... I think it even broke the previous record... it was nearly 100 out and that is saying a lot with the humidity. Yuk. Lucky for us our camp site was well shaded so easy to hide out of the sun.

The first night we had an amazing thunder and lightening storm roll over us... Olivia slept through the entire thing! I however didnt sleep real well because I was anticipating Olivia waking up to the thunder.

Night number two was no beuno for me... I ended up getting a massive migraine and it showed no signs of letting up so at around 2 am Ryan packed me, Olivia and Zoe up in the car and we headed home... luckily our friends booked a campsite that was less than 30 min from our house. Ryan stayed with me with me to make sure I was ok and headed back to the camp site early in the morning solo. Finished out his camping experience for the day then packed up all of our camp stuff and headed back home to check on me and the LivieBug.

Here are the pictures of our first family camping experience...
Olivias first time in a pool beating the heat!!

Ryan taking a small tickle break while getting Olivia ready for the day

Heading down to the lake

Hanging out next to the campfire waiting for dinner to be ready.
Olivia hanging out in her pack n play enjoying her hot dog!

Aaaand their out... Cant blame him since he had been up for well over 24hrs at this point. He was supposed to go in and change her and then lay her down for her nap... and this is how I found them. lol

All in all camping was a success. I had fun, Ryan had fun and most importantly Olivia had fun. My bug bite total was 15, Olivia lucked out with only one and Ryan... who knows how many he had.

Now we just need to figure out when we are going again!!



Em and Ms said...

You're brave to go camping when you're this pregnant! Glad you guys had fun. We need to go camping sometime.

Dani W said...

I thought it would be a lot harder than it was... I was totally anticipating it being the worst experience ever but it was so much fun and Olivia LOVED it! :)