Thursday, March 19, 2009

It's The Baby "Bump"

So I finally took a few pictures of me with my baby bump. What do you think?! And yes... that is one of two Maternity tops I now own.

20weeks 3days
Same day I found out that we were having a girl! Pretty good day in my opinion!



Jes, Janessa & Jackson said...

you look adorable!!!

C.Family said...

Cute! I like the shirt. At 20 weeks I looked like I was about 35 weeks. I am jealous!

Jess and Carl said...

You look amazing... as always!

Kelsey said...

Congrats on a girl! Love the maternity shirt, you'll be filling it out in no time.

Kyle and Lacey said...

What bump?? You are too dang skinny to be 20 weeks, Smalls!! :-) You look absolutely gorgeous!