Thursday, March 26, 2009

Oh What A Day!


Yesterday was GREAT! I had a wonderful birthday. Ryan took me out to dinner to a really nice restaurant and the food was wonderful! I even let Ryan do what he has been wanting to do forever now... get the restaurant staff to sing to me... I got a cute picture out of the ooober embarrassing serenade. We spent the evening with our good friends Sam and Melissa and to top it all off... I was in for a huge surprise when we went to pick up Ryans wedding band and find out that mine was ready as well! So here are some pictures I took of my complete wedding band and my baby bump. I figured my birthday was a good day to take a picture of the growing baby. By the way... I am sticking it out a little just so you all know.

Yes I am wearing capris... very excited that it is warming up... FINALLY! I tried to look as pregnant as possible for this picture.

Well worth the 2+ year wait... I guess they were right... good things DO come to those who wait! Ryans wedding band is pretty spiffy too... very rugged and many and a giant step up from the sterling and gold CTR ring. The CTR ring surved us well for the first little while but we were ready for something new.



Jess and Carl said...

You are beautiful! I love your baby bump! LOVE IT! Too cute! I also love the ring, he did good! Real good! Props to you Ryan! Thanks for the pictures! Love you!

Kelsey said...

Where's the picture of Ryan's ring? Yours is beautiful! Your bump is coming along quite nicely. :)

Em and Ms said...

That does sound like a great day! Cute shorts by the way. You're definitely starting to poke out. Your ring looks beautiful! That's fun you guys were able to get new rings

museumeg said...

Happy Birthday cute girl! I love your little baby bump!

Jeremy and Brigitte said...

You have a great baby bump! You really gotta turn to the side to see it though. Those are the best kind, So cute! Happy Birthday.

Mame Voelker said...

That's beautiful! I'm glad you had a happy birthday!

Riggs Familia said...

Love the ring.
Cute b-bump.
Happy Birthday Chicka!