Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Showin off the "belly"

Well I hate to break it to everyone but... I dont have much of a belly to show off BUT I did go shopping for official maternity clothes yesterday.

I found some super cute clothes that I can wear now and the next few months and hopefully on into the very end.

If there is a demand for baby bump pictures I will take some but I am telling you in order to tell I have to have a full stomach and totally relax my abs in order to see anything. lol.

I think it is interesting how different peoples bodies are... Ryan and I frequent a subway near by and one of the lady's that works there is about as far along as I am and looks 7 months along where as I just look like I am pulling everyones leg. My mom didnt start showing until she was 7-8 months pregnant... you never know maybe I will luck out.

Anyhow I was really excited to purchase my first maternity clothes and cant wait to wear them! It will be nice to wear clothes that dont hug the body... mainly the mid section... as much, YAY for comfortable but cute clothes.



nikki_ty said...

congrats! when you do start 'showing' you will have to post a picture. Of course everyone wants to see you pregnant!

And, if you are like everyone else, you will HATE those maternity clothes by the time your due date nears. But hopefully you will just stay excited!

Jess and Carl said...

You know even with twins I didn't start showing until 16 weeks and I didn't wear maternity clothes until about 23 weeks, so I'm sure you will look amazing until the end, but I'm still waiting to see you with a belly! Love you pretty momma!

Kelsey said...

Still be sure to take pics even if you don't share them with us. I don't think I started showing until 6 months. Then I got huge! Happy baby bump growing!

Jeremy and Brigitte said...

I was the opposite I looked spherical and started showing before I was two months. I'm just so short the baby can only go OUT. He was pretty big when he was born too, so I'm sure that contributed. How are you feeling?

zeeny said...

With my first I didn't show forever. I actually cried once because I wanted to wear maternity clothes so badly! Sounds silly now but was totally real for me at the time. I think it took until about 25 or so weeks before I wore the maternity clothes...fifteen weeks is plenty of time with them anyway!

chellae said...

I know you are a bit taller than me, but if you want to borrow some cute things, give me a call. I've got some skirts, shirts, a couple of dresses and a couple of pairs of pants. You are welcome to try them out.