Friday, July 11, 2008

Happy Day For Amy!!!

WOO HOO!!! Look Who Just Had Twins!


I just wanted to take a couple of seconds and congratulate my roomie from college and friend Amy and her husband Chad! She just had twin baby girls Ellie & Lily, who are so cute.

Amy I am so happy for you two and I hope that all goes well for you especially these next couple of months. Good luck!

Your friend,



Riggs Familia said...

Ok- so I'm catching up on your blog. Congrats to your roomie! Twins would be fun!..although I don't care to have any :)
He had staph, huh?! Oh man! Glad to hear he's doin better. My little bro, Justin earlier this year had that..which turned into MRSA. It was bad. He had an ingrown hair on his leg...and it just turned nasty. His whole half of his leg became swollen and mushy and gooey...and he was very sick.
I'm sorry. That's no fun.

Jess and Carl said...

Yay for twins! Do you know how she is doing? Did she have a vaginal or C-section birth? You will have to let me know! I love all your updates and fun tidbits about your life! I hope we get to see each other sometime soon!

Conger's said...

Thanks so much Danni! You are so sweet to think of me and Chad! So far things are going pretty good- Lily is doing great and we are hoping that Ellie will get to come home from the NICU soon!