Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Our New Callings...

(Yes there is a reason for it being in all caps... I am trying to get your attention)

As many of you know I have a new calling but you might not know that Ryan has two new callings... very busy we will be.

I am the new Ward Activities Director ... I have no committee since the ward is so small but I can call people as I need them.

Ryan is the new Young Men's Secretary as well as the 12-14 yr old class Primary Teacher.

Well now that that announcement is taken care of... I need your help. So far I have come up with some pretty decent ward activities but would LOVE more input. Any suggestions would help and I would also love to take this time to have...


If you have a suggestion that I use... You will receive a prize that is TBA at the moment... but come on anything that I have to give away will defiantly be worth getting and for free at that! Anyhow... keep those suggestions coming. I will close the Giveaway August 1st. I will be picking anyone that has a good suggestion that I will be using... so anyone can win! WOOHOO!

Give away rules are:
  1. You can leave a maximum of 5 suggestions.
  2. Your suggestion cannot already be given.
  3. Activity must be decently specific, not vauge like: Pot luck
  4. The more unique and inexpensive the better!
Your generous friend,


Tyler & Nicole said...

Here are a few activities that our ward (or one that we've been in) have done:

-Trunk or treat/carnival for Halloween. The youth are in charge of the carnival and it's held on the Wed before Halloween.

-Cornball. The weekend after labor day we have a potluck where the ward provides corn on the cob. They usually do games outside afterwards.

-Thanksgiving adult only dinner/potluck.

-Cinco de Mayo adult dinner/potluck.

-Ward Christmas party. Youth are in charge of crafts for primary children and providing entertainment. The YW did the entertainment and it was so funny!

I think I'm out of suggestions. Good luck!

Jeremy and Brigitte said...

-Service Auction (remember the fun ones from 9th ward) Use oz of canned food as the Money and then donate it to a food bank.

-Ward Canning day, where someone teaches everyone how to can things.

-Pioneer day picnic, have pioneer costume contest, stick pulling, cobbler bake off, relay games, and a pioneer recipe competition.

-Adult only dance have the ym and yw serve dinner and provide babysitting.

-Progressive dinner where each course is served in a new house or place.

Catherine said...

-Service auction.. you earn points for reading your scripturs writing in your journal, service, doing something with ou calling..e ct.. (i have the Worksheet) and you bid on others "services" free haircut from the hairstylist, room makeover from the interior designer, free babysitting from everybody, free brownies, etc.. one of the best ativities.

-Ward prepardness party, find out what people need, do they not know how to use wheat, not know how to garden? then make 15 min classes to get your ward motivated in the right direction... make dinner out of food storage food, example: chilie and corn bread with pinto bean fudge.. the dinner is free! just ask 5 different people to make a pot of chili, and 5 people to make corn bread and 5 people to make pinto bean fudge... (yes i have the recipie)

-ward talent show, each auxilary is responsible for a 3 minute skit... family can do one too if they want, the bishop ric has to do one.. there's is always the best no matter what ward!

Kathlen said...

~A Ward camp out...You have dinner and dessert at the park, you go home and sleep in your own bed. Then you come back the next morning for breakfast!! I know that one ward let the kids stay and sleep(with adult supervision, of course).

~Ward BBQ

~Pioneer day Celebration w/ food and games that the pioneers would have had.

~Watch a movie projected against the church building.