Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Up To No Good...

Ok so this is not completely true...

But we have been up to a lot lately. Here is what we have done.

Gone to the park.

This is the beautiful Congress Park in downtown Saratoga Springs.

These are some of the "Natural Springs" in which Saratoga is infamous for... hence the name Saratoga Springs.

This is a picture of Ryan fake drinking the water... he had already tried it and spit it out because it tasted so bad so I made him pretend he was drinking it so I could get a picture.

All of the springs taste different.

The spring in the first picture, as well as the most ornate looking fountain, was by far the worst tasting water.

The second spring tasted like regular city water... which i probably was... and the third tasted like we were sucking on dirty pennies, not that I would know or anything.

e can also say that we have rode the Congress Park Carousel. It is a restored Carousel that was moved from one side of town to the other in order to preserve it.

This picture is of Ryan OBVIOUSLY posing for the camera... he wanted to make riding a carousel more manly by pretending he was racing...lol... he is more than just a kid at heart.

One park is apparently not enough for us because we also went to "The Yadoo Gardens"

It has a wonderful history... a love story actually. A husband built and dedicated a massive and ornate rose garden to his wife. The estate was later turned over to create a artist community and the gardens into a retreat and park.

If you liked "The Secret Garden" you would love the Yadoo Gardens.

Other than visiting Saratoga's finest Parks... we have also added on to our little family. No I am no pregnant... no we did not get a pet... We bought a CAR! WOOHOO!

Ok so it is not technically ours we are leasing but that is for a very good reason. Ryan and I decided that buying a new car in such a transitional time in automobile tecnology would be a huge mistake for us. I mean what is going to happen in 5 years when we would still be making payments on a car that might not even be capable of running on whatever they are selling at the pumps.

This is the car we are leasing...

Isn't she beautiful?! Her name is Sara... for Saratoga... cute name huh?

As if visiting all of the visit worthy parks in Saratoga and buying a new car where not enough... we have dabbled in yet more exciting things.

Dining at the best little hole in the wall restaurant in Saratoga... As for you Tri-Cities folk it is a lot like Ruffs Giant Burgers... but better. We rubbed elbows with the racing communities local crowd at a place that those hoity toity out-of-towners, who only park their car via valet, would never be caught dead in... "PJ's Barbeque Pit" ( Please click on restaurant name to experience a little bit of its ghetto blue collar-ness) ... the name just makes my mouth water.

Their food was amazing and was dangerously delicious considering the fact that my "full meter" was not affected by the tastiness of the food... I could have kept going if Ryan had not given me the "You Are Such A Pig" sign by making a little piggy nose and snorting.

This place was nothing short of blue collar... the restaurant had something I had never before seen, other than the fried green beans, its very own 50's dedicated Radio Station that played not only over the speakers but also over the airwaves.

As you can see... my life isn't as boring as sometimes I portray it. I have been blessed with a mellow husband who can let down his hair and have a little fun and even be spontaneous if the mood calls for it.

What have you been up to that puts that extra pep back into your step? Don't be shy... give me some feed back... you never know I might just steal your ideas for my date night!


Jeremy and Brigitte said...

Wow it is really beautiful there!

Em & M's said...

Beautiful pictures. It's always nice to get out and enjoy the beautiful things around you. One of our favorite restaurants in Provo was a bbq restaurant called "Lon's Cookin' Shack." They had fried cauliflower there--so yummy! And cheap!

Kelsey said...

Those are really pretty pictures & I love your car! Super cute!