Friday, July 18, 2008

Woo Hoo...

My lovely cousin Korin is EXPECTING... Woo Hoo!

I was going to post something earlier but decided to let her be the ice breaker of such wonderful news!

I wanted to take this time to reflect on my oober amazing cousin.

I have a pretty awesome group of cousins BUT our lovely Korin is my closest in age, friendship and spirituality.

I would describe her as loving, loyal, honest, hard working, generous, sweet & a little shy but gutsy when she needs to be.

A few moments from our past that always make me laugh when I think about them are:

  • Many of you know her as being very timid and dare I say quiet. This might make you think of her a little differently. One day a couple of Jehovah Witness missionaries knocked on our door, after explaining to them that we were content with our Mormon faith and appreciated their time but not really interested in what they had to say one individual began to get gutsy by stating that our religion was false. He explained that in Revelations it states that no other scripture would come after that particular statement of closing. Kori explained to the man that it also states that in Deuteronomy, which is the 5th book in the Old Testament for those who do not know. The man did not believe her and challenged her to prove it.. so she did. Scriptures in hand she wanted to point it out and by that time the overly boastful man had turned rather timid and hurriedly walked away.

  • Growing up when Kori was little our Grandmother would ask her ... "Kori how do you spell your name...? tell grandma how to spell Kori". Sweet Kori would reply "O-R!"... and now to my Grandma Kori will always be known as our cute little 'O-R'.

  • Kori has always been somewhat of a talker in her sleep. Once her Dad found this out... by accident of course... he would ask her where she would hide here secret stash of money or her journal ... then tease her about finding her secret hiding places.
  • She has always been extremely talented in just about everything there is to be talented in. All growing up, and still today, she was very creative and was known for her artistic skills... always drawing fun things. Me being a little copy cat would try to be just like her but to my dismay my attempts were anything but flattering and my drawing skills were not nearly as advanced as hers.

  • Kori had this doll that she carried around... cute little doll named Ally. She swore up and down that she was going to name her first girl Ally and her first boy Colby. She named her first boy after her Great Grandma Colby, who she absolutely adored and talked about all of the time.

  • All growing up Kori played basketball. She was very diligent in her love of the game and excelled as one of the best on the team, however she was never super aggressive on the court. After realized she needed to be a little more ... "mean" on the court she came up with a plan... and was quickly known for throwing killer elbows.

  • Kori's all time favorite basketball player was, and I am sure still is, Larry Bird... He was all she could talk about for a good chunck of her childhood. For awhile there we thought she might contemplate marriage or maybe settle for adoption. Bless her heart.

Well I hope you all enjoyed a little insight into the funny world of my cute cousin. She is an amazing individual with a heart of gold. Her generosities are endless and has been a real strength in my life. Kori has been such a wonderful example and never ceases to amaze me.

I am so happy for you Kori... I cannot wait to meet your little bun in the oven!

Yours Truly,


Em and Ms said...

I saw the news on her blog and I was so excited for her! I think you described Kori very well--she is a wonderful person! Remember when we all went to the rope swing, got stuck, begged a ride from some guy to pull us out, had friends come to make fun of us, went on the rope swing, and then jumped off the train bridge? Twice? Good times.

Dani W said...

Haha... I do remember that... lol... wow I totally forgot though. How fun. Haha yeah good times for sure!

Kelsey said...

Kori is a lot of fun & I wish I had gotten to know her better when I had the chance. I'm excited for her pregancy.

C.Family said...

Wow, those are some glowing things you had to say about me. I am flattered. Thanks. I love the old pictures of us. We were cute kids. Maybe I will get lucky and get a cute girl this time.

Melissa and Bryan said...

What a nice tribute! YOu are so gorgeous in that picture! Oh and that hair cut would look stunning on you!

Amanda said...

I've always looked up to Kori. I'm lucky to be her neighbor! I'm kind of partial to the long hair, but you have a pretty face and I think you'd look beautiful with a short cut.