Sunday, July 6, 2008


Well After a long 4 days in the hospital...

Ryan came home from the hospital on Saturday. He is on antibiotics for his Staph infection. After he received his priesthood blessing the infection continued to progress, which was frightening for both of us, but two days later the infection decided to surrender.

We had found out that there was another guy from Ryans work that was also in the inpatient care with the same infection who was not as lucky as Ryan was. He had waited to long to be seen, which is generally what the Navy wants to weed out the people who are not really sick, and his had turned into a life threatening situation where emergency surgery was only thing they could do.

Ryan is doing much better because of a multitude of reasons; faith, priesthood power, family and friends' prayers, his already strong immune system and great doctors who acted fast.

Thank you all for your prayers and compassion.

Since being out of the hospital... Ryan & I have attended a 4th of July backyard BBQ at our neighbors, gone to church and even attended a Rush concert on Sat. night. I guess being stuck in a confining hospital bed he was more than inching to get out and have a little bit of fun, can ya blame him?



Kourt and Megan said...

Good to hear your husband is doing well. That is such a scary situation and hospitals are not fun!


Barbara O. said...

Poor Ryan. I glad to hear everything is doing better with his infection. I wish I could bake you some cookies. Cookies always help me feel better. Hopefully you guys won't have to visit the hospital any time soon.