Thursday, April 9, 2009

Home Sweet Home...

Well we pulled back into town Tuesday evening hung out for a little bit and then Ryan headed off to work for the night. I on the other hand... made him tuck me in bed before he left because I was painfully exhausted.

Our plane rides home started out pretty decent... well minus the fact that I woke up the night before we left sick as all heck and threw up. Our first flight was into Denver and the Denver airport is PHENOMENAL!!! It looked more like a major mall than an airport. Our flight from Denver to DC was on a nice spacious 767 and the take off was smooth as they come but the landing was rocky and both Ryan and I were ready to get sick. The only thing that saved me from throwing up was the fact that I got a kick out of watching Ryan struggle not to toss his cookies... laughter really is the best medicine... mean I know.

We land in DC with just enough time to grab some greasy mexican food and then catch our flight to Albany. Well that hour long flight felt like it took a lifetime. I became so sick that I just couldn't hold it down anymore. The flight attendant brought me some pretzels a little too late.

The drive home was just as painful... although I didn't need to make an emergency pit stop the thought did cross my mind.

Oh as far as the actual vacation... it was great. I will post with pictures once this jet lag headache leaves me alone!

Ta ta for now!

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