Saturday, April 18, 2009

San Diego Part IV

Sea World & The Flight Home

Our last full day in San Diego was that Monday and we spent it as a family at Sea World. I hadn't been to Sea World since I was a kid so going back was probably more exciting for me than Ryan.

Here are a few pictures of our day at Sea World...My Nephew Christopher admiring the aquarium...

The brothers reunited

Me sporting my new shirt from the mother in law. Can you see the belly yet?!

Ryan getting some practice with our newest nephew Dylan

Watching the Dolphin Show... very impressive!

Shamu and the lucky people in the "splash zone"...

Well Sea World was a ton of fun. We all got a little bit of sun... some more than others. I miraculously did not get burned... yes I used lots of sunscreen mom.

An entire day dedicated to Sea World was a lot for pregnant ol me to handle and I was exhausted by the end of it and excited to hit the sack. We stopped by Carls Jr to grab a bite to eat and then procedded home. Our flight was leaving at 6:30 the next morning so we were fortunate enough to be waking up at 4:30. As for replenishing the energy I had used that day... it did not happen. I woke up in the middle of the night sick as sick could be.

Three flights were a lot for one day. The first layover was in Denver. Wow... that is an amazing airport... we felt like we were in a mall instead of an international airport. With not much time to catch our next flight we grabbed a Jamba Juice and headed to our next gate. Off to DC we went.

The take off was smooth as smooth could be and the flight wasnt bad either. We watched Marley & Me (no one warned me it was a sad movie) and enjoyed a conversation with the guy sitting next to us. Our landing on the other hand was rough... both Ryan and I were eyeing the air sickness bags. The only thing that kept me from loosing my 9.00 lunch I purchased on the plane was seeing Ryan sick... call me incensitive but I for some reason couldnt stop laughing. I never believed the old saying of "laughter is the best medicine" until that moment.

Well... my laughter got me in trouble... not with Ryan but on our next flight into Albany. I spent the entire last half of it filling my own personal air sickness bag. Throwing up on planes is so embarassing... and to make matters worse I asked the flight attendent for some crackers or something to sooth my stomache (before I lossed my lunch) and he said they only give our pretzles to those who have a medical condition. "Do you have a medical condition?!" he asked... "I am pregnant... so yeah I do at this given moment." I replied with a pitty me please look on my face. I might have been able to save my lunch and those around me the agony of listening to me throw up if he hadnt waited forever to grab me a small bag of pretzles.

To make this long story short... We flew, we felt sick, I laughed, Ryan slept... I threw up.

My next post... Prego pics... I will be investing in sun dresses because they are simply amazing when one is pregnant!



Kelsey said...

Sounds like there were lots of ups and downs! I can't believe they asked you if you had a medical condition to have pretzels. Funny. Too bad they didn't get to you fast enough. Next time have some snacks handy so there's no waiting! I loved maternity dresses while pregnant! Can't wait to see!

museumeg said...

Welcome to the club! You have now joined a select group of people who have had to use an airsickness bag. This is a club I would gladly forfeit my membership in.