Friday, April 17, 2009

Just To Answer a Few Questions

Well Ryan and I became partners of a business from home that has been doing really well... It is called Pre-Paid Legal. In a nut shell it is "legal insurance" or a "legal service plan". We started out as associates and we are now managers over a team of people that all sell and introduce people to the membership and associate/recruiting side of things. Anyhow... that is the new business that we have been working on building up right now.

Here is our website to better explain what we have been up to these last two months.


Anyhow... this new endeavor has been very rewarding for us... I have been able to meet new people, take care of friends and family members who are in need of an increased income as well as giving people peace of mind that if something were to happen in their lives then they would have the counsel and protection of one of the best law firms in their state.

My goal with our membership is to GET a Will before our baby girl is born and keep it updated so all of our babies are taken care of if anything were to happen to us. Getting out of speeding tickets and having our law firm fix and restore my past identity theft doesn't hurt my feelings any either.


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NaDell said...

When you get your will, you can have it worded to include any subsequent children, assuming that things don't drastically change in who you want to have guardianship, etc.
Sounds like a fun project to keep you busy and to learn more about things like that.