Saturday, April 11, 2009

San Diego Part II

Other than visiting the temple we spent lots of quality family time. Ryan went out running with his Dad & brother, we went shopping, and went out to eat. Some of the places we indulged our glutenous side were applebees (we had some family connections), albertos (killer mexican restaurant that Blink 182 used to eat at on a regular basis), and of course In & Out.... it was delicious.

Aside from dipping into our glutenous pleasures we also brought out the kid in ourselves by spending the evening at good old Dave & Busters. It was great... we played archade games, ate dessert, played more archade games and when all was said and done we had a plethora of tickets from our winnings. What else do two married couples and a return mission spend their winnings on at an adult Chuck E Cheeses?! Why things for the neice and nephew of course! Our winnings bought us a spiderman nightlight(a really large table top nightlight) and a hello kitty stuffed animal/backpack.

It was awesome... Next post... Family pictures and SEA WORLD!!!



museumeg said...

My husband thinks any restaurant whose name ends in "ertos" has to be good Mexican food. Glad you got some!

Kelsey said...

Awesome winnings! Can't wait to see pictures from your trip and Sea World.