Sunday, April 26, 2009

I LOVE going to a good Garage Sale!

Well this weekend Navy housing was having a day long garage sale... I am so glad that I went because I was able to find some great things! Now some call me picky... and this is true... but I am not one to pass on a good deal so buying baby stuff at a garage sale doesnt bother me in the least.

Here are a few of the things I was able to get.

Here is a look at a few of the things I got ... Notice the Boppy($10), the crib side organizer ($2), The SUPER cute duck robe and a load of clothes!
I got a bag of clothes for 5 bucks... I seperated them out into NB,3mo & 6mo. All of the clothes are in excellent condition... not a single stain or color fading.
One of my favorite outfits that I bought just for Ryan... A cute onesie and skirt.
A barely used baby swing. I was actually looking at purchasing it brand new... It retails for $100 and I paid $15 for both the swing & the Genie. Now I know most people dont use them but see... it gets cold here in the NE and cracking the window open to air out and stinky room... isnt really an option so this will most likly get used... a lot!
My wonderful neighbor bouth me the photo album and I actually got the breastfeeding cover off of this web site for FREE & all I had to do was pay shipping! YAY!
My lovely step-sister Tiffany sent me a care packages stuffed with binkies, head bands, clothes and this super cute outfit she said she couldnt pass up buying for the baby.
Tiffany also made the recieving blanket and matching burp clothes on the right. Ryans Grandma made the Blanket, bibs and Burp clothes on the right... very very cute!
These are some of the outfits Ryans Mom bought the baby while we were in San Diego... I love the green one with the little purple flowers!
Ok I couldnt go yard saling and NOT find some fun glass ware to pick up. I found this Depression Ware in a box and bought the whole 4 peice set for 3 dollars! I was stunned. I dont even care if it is a knock off... it looks GREAT!

Well that was my saturday... I went Yard Saling and spent a total of 35.00 on all of my fun finds.

My weekend as a whole has gone really well. We have had our friend Josh over... which is always a pleasure, and I actually got to attend church today... this made me very happy. I was able to see my friends in the ward and even was even asked if anyone has offerend to throw me a baby shower! YAY! I feel so privilaged... Thanks Krista!

Well I gotta start making our sunday dinner. Rotiserie Chicken, Mashed Potatoes & Corn on the Cob. Prego lady is hungry!



Em and Ms said...

Good job on all your finds! We've been garage sale-ing too lately and it's so fun when you get a great deal. For the record, I have a Diaper Champ (DI find) and have used it constantly. It's great not to have to take out a diaper every time you change it (and with a newborn that's a lot!). Plus we have very hot summers and garbage in the garage really starts to stink.

C.Family said...

Great deals! It is always a good idea to buy used if you can. Sam is using a lot of Colby's old stuff. Most of my furniture is second hand for yard sales.

I love the baby outfits and am a little jealous that you get to pick out pink stuff. I wouldn't trade either of my precious boys for a girl, but someday it might be fun to do the girl thing. Take care! (PS. you should register at Target so people know what you don't have for the baby.)

Kyle and Lacey said...

Awesome!! Way to go Smalls! Garage sales are the best for baby stuff. A lot of those little clothes have only been worn once since kids grow so stinkin' fast. So good work! You found some great stuff! I love a good garage sale too. In fact, we had one this weekend with some friends and I made $10 that I quickly spent on baby stuff my friend was selling! haha (Kyle couldn't believe I came home with more than I took. Oops.)

Mame Voelker said...

I'm amazed at how much you were able to find! You're little baby's going to be one lucky girl! Also , it was really great to see you at church!

Kelsey said...

What awesome finds! And all for only 35 bucks! I love yard sales for baby items. It's amazing how some things are hardly used! I need to remember to go yard selling I keep forgetting.