Sunday, April 19, 2009

My "Skip Out On Church" Day

So there I was... (every good story starts out with so there I was)...

Laying in bed last night and combining outfits in my head to figure out what would be the perfect outfit to wear to church the next day. I quickly settle on my new sun dress and soon after found myself in dream land getting a good nights rest.


These last two days my body has been in and out of pain. Lots of baby growth on the inside of me means lots of growth on the outside of me. My hips have been in a lot of pain and feel like they are ready to give out at random points of the day, my back feels just as painful and my abs sting from being stretched father than they ever thought possible.

SO.... This brings me to this morning. I have been having issues with my legs cramping up but have been eating bananas and thought nothing more of it... I was woken up by a killer cramp in my leg that would NOT let up. So if I didn't feel like I was falling apart before... I sure do now. My back hurts, my left hip is killing me, my right leg feels un-functionable and to top it all off my stomach just plain old hurts. Blah.

Needless to say getting around my own house was painful enough ... venturing out to church in the condition I feel right now (by my self since Ryan is at work today) seemed impossible. So I call this "Danielle's Skip Out On Church Day" (because driving just isnt safe right now lol).

Well I think I am going to get some scripture study in... since I am missing out on sunday school.


Now I get to


museumeg said...

Awww! We missed you and your cute baby bump at church today. Feel better!

Dani W said...

Oh thank you... I was look forward to going to church and not teaching but being able to actually attend all of the blocks and just enjoy church... then I woke up in tons of pain. I was a little upset.